Lucy was the new ski patrol puppy in training at Alta. What others saw as a dog in training to do a job, I saw as a content gold mine. I started to showcase Lucy on social media. The first few posts went viral, and created a huge fan base. Lucy became a common content topic and even gained local fame being featured on the news and various publications, even internationally.

  • For Alta Ski Area

The Intro video was the highest engaged-with post in Alta’s history.

Engagement on Facebook

Making light of a bad situation (late season opening) with Lucy as a PR tool. Video credit to handler David Kelly

“You guys are pros at bad news”

Interest piece on Visit Salt Lake’s website. https://www.visitsaltlake.com/skicity/ski-blog/post/2017/2/Lucy-To-The-Rescue-/37/

News coverage. http://fox13now.com/2016/12/20/alta-ski-patroller-takes-on-a-four-legged-trainee/

Full spread in Australia’s “Snows Best” with photos and video on Alta’s patrol puppy. http://www.snowsbest.com/why-we-love-ski-patrol-puppies-so-much/