"Snow And" Content Series

This was the main content project during my employment at Alta Ski Area. Working with our incredible friends at Sweetgrass Productions, I oversaw the completion of the “Snow And” video project. Our goal was to engage and include our community in a meaningful and personal way. We told the stories of some of our most beloved characters and in doing so, created an inclusive and loyal community of Alta skiers.

Huge shoutout to Sweetgrass Productions for their incredible execution, on what are some very beautiful videos, for the individuals who allowed us to tell their story, and Joe Johnson who helped concept this idea. We hosted these videos on the Alta website in which we encouraged the community to share their stories with us, gaining not only very valuable content to the website, but growing our email subscribers list in the process. They were all shared across social media and sent to various publications for digital sharing. (Name can be seen in credits at the end of each video)

  • Role Marketing Manager
  • For Alta Ski Area

“Snow And” Episode 5: Onno Wieringa

“Snow And” Episode 4: Roni

“Snow And” Episode 3. The Mcloughlin Family

“Snow And” Episode 2: Lucy and Dave

“Snow And” Episode 1. Pep Fujas