Projects, Email, and Public Relations

These are various projects I executed while working as PR manager for Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

  • For Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

This an example of the work I did while at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. With the building of a new lodge and many renovations I created an email from scratch including copy, email design, and layout, to describe and walk customers and potential customers through the upgrades. (Apologies for the email not being its full size, I no longer have access to the live email)

Wrote and distributed TML Upgrade Press Release.

Oversaw, Planned, Executed Media trip in which content and stoke was harvested.

Oversaw (did not create) 10 year anniversary logo creation, responsible for implementing, and applying logo.

Colaborated with K2 to create a sweepstakes in which people would enter to win a trip to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge with gear and flight by K2. Benefit would be email list growth for both companies, and incredible content creation opportunity. After the work was done K2 would no longer return our phone calls, we later learned they were close to going out of business. This project did not happen, but should have.