Willow Creek Middle School

March 29th, Willow Creek Middle School press event. Calculated publicity value $6,744.

Partnering with Willow Creek Middle School, Parents Empowered installed a large brain with messaging around taking a pledge to not drink underage. With support from local community members and leadership, our event was a success and we had a great response from the kids and community.

We had the large brain and signage produced and installed along the “Drop-off” section in front of the school for visibility and to reach our target audience.

  • Role Project Manager
  • For ParentsEmpowered.org

Initial Mockup for brain installation.

Curb signage art mockup.

Tablecloth art mockup.

Curb signage final art.

Curb signage.

Curb signage.

Brain delivered and installed.

Press release.

Press event.

Parents Empowered founder Art Brown.

First lady Herbert.

Kids taking the pledge.

Dipping hands in paint. Final tablecloth.

More students taking the pledge.

Fox13 news coverage.

Utah CW30 news coverage.

ABC 4 news coverage.