Parents Empowered Day at Utah's Hogle Zoo

In May we reached out to Utah’s Hogle Zoo to discuss the possibility of a partnership. We presented concepts to client and moved forward. After discussion of logistics we executed one of the best executed art installations I’ve been a part of.

From brainstorm to completion this was an all inclusive project. We partnered with KUTV Fresh Living and IHeart Radio for on sight coverage and promotional partnerships complete with email, homepage takeovers and on-sight giveaways and remote coverage.

We are incredibly proud how well the main install turned out. Playing off the surrounding visuals and fitting in with the look and feel of the zoo we produced a visually fitting, compelling, and grand advertising opportunity.

The main exhibit shows how well thought out this installation was. Parents frequently gather in the area to watch their kids play in the water park and playground. We were able to capture this target audience with our install in a natural way, turning the playground into it’s own “exhibit” where parents monitored their children from the installation.

In addition we had signage throughout the zoo to play off the exhibit theme. Scroll through to see the project from start to finish.

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Initial mockup for installation.

Dimensions for install.

Brain sculpture mockup signage.

“Teenbooks” concept. (Zoobooks spinoff).

Signage mockup.

Signage mockup.

“Keep alcohol out of reach” concept. Denied by zoo.

Brain playground concept. Abandoned due to liability.

“Keep your kids on track” messaging on train. Concept abandoned.

Zoo Plaza With Brain Sculpture and Parents Empowered tent with information and giveaway bags.

Main install.

Face painting and giveaway tent.

Gorilla exhibit signage.

Signage at gorilla exhibit.

Signage at Grizzly Bear exhibit.

Exhibit installation signage.

IHeart Radio with their remote location. Doing the show live at the zoo complete with interviews.

Signage at Polar Bear exhibit.

KUTV Fresh Living filming one of several segments in front of the installation.

Exhibit installation signage.

Otter exhibit signage.

Lion exhibit signage.

Shirt for “swag bag” hand out.

Sunscreen bug spray for “swag bags”.

Water bottle for “swag bags”.

Squeeze brains for “swag bags”.

Branded pens for “swag bags”.

Informational handout with “swag bags”

Exhibit installation signage.

Exhibit installation signage.

IHeart Radio homepage takeover digital banners.

Parents Empowered Day Banners.

KUTV Email Blast.

KUTV Homepage Banners (KUTV Designed).